Dirty Laundry Is A Blessing

Sitting on the couch, I look over and see a pair of my boyfriends dirty socks from the previous day. Most women might get frustrated at the sight of dirty laundry not being in the laundry basket, but not me. 
I don’t work, I’m not in school and I’m not raising a child. That leaves me with a lot of free time throughout the day. Because of this, I have to find tasks to keep myself occupied while my boyfriend is at work. Seeing his dirty socks is a blessing of sorts, let me explain. 

Homemaking and housekeeping is my way of contributing to my relationship. Since I can’t contribute financially, I have to get creative with my contributions. I’ve mentioned to my boyfriend, on numerous occasions, that I enjoy taking care of him and the house. 

Dirty laundry means that he is listening to me. He is giving me the opportunity to care for him in the ways that I am capable of instead of washing the clothes himself. There was a time when I would become frustrated at the sight of laundry, dirty dishes or a slightly unorganized house. But not anymore. 

I’m blessed to have the capability to cook and clean, a year ago it was all I could do to get out of bed because I was so mentally exhausted. During that period, my boyfriend was doing everything to take care of the home while working full time. 

Since progressing, I’ve learned how to take care of myself, my boyfriend and the house. I get pleasure and satisfaction by serving him and keeping the house looking neat and tidy. The fact that he leaves me a pile of clothes, leaves a used cup in the sink and wants me to cook dinner for him brings me great joy. I no longer see these tasks as a chore or inconvenient. I live for these things now!

God has blessed me with the ability to serve with love and a grateful heart. Not everyone is given this opportunity so it is one I will always be thankful for. 

How do you serve yourself, your partner or your home? Do you view it as a pleasurable task or more of a chore? Let me know in the comments!




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  1. manyofus1980 says:

    i am happy that you enjoy this aspect of running your home and taking care ofyour boyfriend. it can be challening but rewarding. xxx

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    1. It certainly can be a challenge, but I’ve learned to embrace it. As someone who hated cleaning growing up, it’s weird that I now look forward to doing it x)

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