Positivity Amidst The Challenges

These last two weeks have become progressively more difficult regarding my mental health and well-being. As I mentioned in my last post, I have had to wean off of all medications and am adjusting to the changes that come with doing so. For the first month or two, I was thriving, doing better than I had done in years. But that has changed drastically over the last two weeks. 

It’s weird because I’m happy, but I’m also depressed. I didn’t even think that was possible, but it is and I’m living proof. I’m in a great place in my life, things are going so well for my boyfriend and I but I’m still depressed. It’s not because I don’t feel valued or feel unwanted, I’m not lonely and I’m actually very happy with life. What I do feel is that I’m not going anywhere with my life and I don’t have any goals to work towards right now, so I’m at a standstill. 

If you know me, I’ve always tried to have something, even if it was just a small something, to work towards. But I don’t have anything that in working towards right now and it is killing me. So what am I going to do about it?

I’m going to remain positive and optimistic about the situation, I know that I can and will find a new goal to work towards. 

I will not dwell on or feed into my depression, but I will allow myself to feel the emotions and understand them. 

I’m going to take care of myself both mentally and physically. Self care and self love will be my priorities from here on out. Not only will I care for myself to overcome my depression, but also to create a habit that I can maintain to reduce future chances of depression. 

I will delve deeper into the Word of God and make my faith a bigger priority. My faith has faltered over the last two weeks and I need to fix that. 

Last but not least, I will work on creating attainable short term and long term goals. 

My boyfriend and I were discussing what I can do to stay busy and have goals to work toward when we cane up with the idea of putting me back in school. While I love education and learning, it can be very expensive to take online classes and difficult to find accredited degrees. After much brainstorming and talking about what I enjoy and what I’m passionate about, we decided that I’m going to take this next month to really buckle down on my blog. 

I love blogging because of the therapeutic benefits it offers and there are so many tasks to do in maintaining a blog, so I would constantly have something to keep me occupied. 

Today, I’m going to focus on a one month plan for my blog and work on blog post ideas. I’m going to work on being more active in the blogging community and offering meaningful content for everyone. 

If I am successful over the next month, we will take the steps to establish a more professional blog with hosting and an actual domain. I think it will serve me well to focus on this goal because I already know how much I enjoy it and how helpful blogging is to my mental health. Who knows, it may even open up other opportunities for me. 

Tell me, why do you blog? What do you get out of it, is it purely for pleasure or do you do it for a source of income? Let me know in the comments! 




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  1. I blog for myself. That helps my anxiety and depression. I can interact with people without the anxiety of a real face to face chat. Plus except for the one lady who suggested that I pray more, there are people like you who understand me 🤔

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    1. I didn’t even think about how less stressful it is to interact via Internet as opposed to face to face, that’s a great point! And lol there’s always that one person x) I think that blogging for yourself creates more meaningful posts for your readers and helps you mentally more so than if you were financially motivated.

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    i blog for pleasure, and because i get great comfort from others in the blogosphere. I have built my blog up and i am proud of it. hope you will be too. x

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    1. That’s great that you’re so proud of your blog, I bet it gives you a great sense of accomplishment and a boost in confidence! Blogging for pleasure is definitely the way to go. I tried monetizing my blog in the past, but it just didn’t feel right.

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      1. manyofus1980 says:

        What did you do to monetise it? Did you have to pay? Did it work did you get more followers and readers and things

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      2. I added some affiliate links and advertisements on a few blog posts. I didn’t make any money or gain followers but I felt like I was posting just to have more posts to add links to. I didn’t have to pay for any of it. It wasn’t really worth the hassle to me, but then again I’m not sure that I was even doing it correctly lol. If I had something to offer, like a product or service then I could see monetizing it again to cover fees involved in the process.

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      3. manyofus1980 says:

        A good thing to do is plan post and post them when you’re not there like schedule them to post that way you’ll gain followers readers likes comments et cetera do you have any comments as it is? And followers do you have money? Do you reply to all of your comments that’s a good step to engaging with your readers

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      4. I’ll have to try that! I always post once I’m finished writing the post so the timing isn’t optimal. I get a few comments here and there, nothing like in the beginning of the blog though. When I first started blogging, I was much more interactive with my readers in visiting their blogs and commenting on their posts, I need to get back on track with that, I just got lazy lol.

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      5. manyofus1980 says:

        Yeah interacting with other bloggers is good too. You make friends that way. And then you get a core group of people who visit your blog and comment consistently

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      6. Sounds like a great idea! Thank you for your suggestions ^.^


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