Bullet Journals: A Review


Okay, so I have heard so many great things about bullet journals and decided that I needed to make one! I didn’t want to go out and spend the, like, $20 it was to purchase one so I just made one out of a blank journal that I already had!

It was pretty close to the real thing, so I was satisfied.

You guys know me, I’m not the most organized person on the planet and I have a difficult time getting into a habit of doing things. Well, this was no exception.

loved the idea of a bullet journal, but when it came time to actually use it, I hated it.

I’m an unorganized mess, and that’s okay. But I’m telling you right now that bullet journals are not for me.

It was so tedious to sit there and create something when I could just print it out. I didn’t have the patience to doodle ever so carefully a perfect box or chart. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, it made me super antsy. LOL

With that being said, I highly suggest that you try one! I think they could be really helpful and satisfying to an organized person. Heck, maybe even to an unorganized person as well.



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