How To Get Your Blog Up And Moving


Okay, so you’ve created a blog, now how do you get page views, followers, and to actually make money?

Well, I have compiled a list of extremely helpful websites/blogs that I  have used and you can use too!


First, you need to make sure you have a really awesome blog strategy in place! 

This is the planning tool I used to help me plan my goals and blog strategy and it is amazing!

Like, I was just roaming the blogging streets aimlessly before this! SO glad Jenn has decided to share this with us for free!


Second, make sure you publish quality posts on your blog; go for quality over quantity.

Here is a great list of 5 Free online tools you can use!

There are many more tools and methods to use, these are just my favorite!


Use Pinterest to your advantage!

This guide will help you learn to master Pinterest and boost your page views!

I have started using Pinterest for my blog posts and it has totally boosted my traffic. Slowly at first, but I’m watching my numbers grow each day, and let me tell you, that is a great feeling!


Create great graphics for your posts.

My favorite free website to use for creating graphics is Canva. It’s super easy to use and they have a great selection of free stuff! Of course, you can always pay for the business version if you would like.

Of course you can use other editors, but this one is the best, by far.


Affiliate Marketing

So, I’m fairly new to this and still learning, but this is a great website to help you get started with Affiliate Marketing!

Don’t know what affiliate marketing is? Check out this post!


These are *in my opinion* the best tools and tips you can use to get your blog up and moving. Have any specific questions? Let me know and I can link you some more tips! 




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