CVS Must Have Deal! No Coupons Needed!

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Okay, so I just got back from CVS and I got this amazing deal! And guess what, there’s no coupons needed!! Just an Extra Care Card! (CVS rewards card)

So, first you want to check your local sale ad and make sure that it has the same promotion because it may differ in each area, BUT here’s the deal I did:

Buy one Deck Your Nails Wet n Wild nail polish set at $4.99, get back $4 in extra care bucks.

Now, in my location, it was limit 3 per card, so obviously I got 3.

Here’s how my transaction looked:

$4.99 x 3 = $14.97 (plus local tax)

I actually had $14 in Extra Care Bucks that I was able to use towards it so I only ended up paying about $2 for all three!

Then, it printed out an Extra Care Bucks reward for $12, ($4…

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