Pamper Yourself!


If you read my post earlier, you saw that I am a tad bit under the weather. Which isn’t fun by any means, but that’s okay! I’ve taken today to heal and I’m taking it easy.

Earlier I listed a few tips for when your sick, but I forgot the main one!

Pamper yourself!

Tonight, I took a nice, long shower with warm water. I used my favorite shampoo (the really expensive kind from Lush), my favorite soap (off of Etsy) and I did my make up! See photo below.

lindsMake up is Younique and Physician’s Formula.

 Let me tell you, after treating myself like that, I feel so great!

I’m still sick, I’m not telling you that I was “miraculously healed” or anything (LOL) but it did help boost my spirits which gave me energy!

So just a friendly reminder to pamper yourself in some way when you’re sick, even if it’s just in the form of a long, warm shower with your favorite soap! (I don’t have a bathtub otherwise I would have taken a bubble bath hehe)

How do you like to pamper yourself when you’re feeling under the weather? Tell me in the comments!



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  1. blackgirldown says:

    Hot baths with scented bath beads, and great wine!!!!

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    1. Scented bath beads, yes!! I can’t wait until I have a bathtub again xD

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