My Morning Routine


My morning routine changes pretty often, but I have 3 things that I try to do within the first 1-2 hours of waking up. I know, I need to buckle down and get a stronger routine, but I’m working on it!

Drink a bottle of water.

I like to start my day off with a bottle of water, some mornings it’s easier to do than others. Sometimes I have to add flavoring to it, but it’s helping me stay hydrated and makes me feel like I have enough energy to complete my day!

Drink a cup of hot green tea.

I haven’t always liked green tea, or tea for that matter, but I’m learning to love it. Sometimes I add a little honey to it, a little lemon, or a little (sugar free) sweetener. Today I decided to add a mint to it, what a great touch that was! I’ve heard, but don’t quote me, that drinking green tea in the morning helps to boost your metabolism and helps keep you full. I don’t know how much truth there is behind that, but it sure has helped to decrease my appetite. Then again, I’m sure drinking 3-4 cups of tea a day will keep your belly full. LOL


I’ve been really bad about this lately, not doing my full yoga workout, but I try to do at least 5 minutes, usually more. This morning, I did 20 minutes of Yoga With Adriene and I feel so amazing! If you have never tried yoga, or never seen her videos, I highly recommend checking her out! She’s so calm, easygoing and you can be at virtually any skill level and still do her yoga videos! She has so many to choose from!

How do you all like to start off your day? What are your “must do” things to get you moving and motivated? Tell me in the comments!



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  1. I start my day by drinking some water(something in common), reading newspaper and spending some time with parents amd indulging in some sort of discussion and planning out what is to be done and how.
    and yes, i be thankful for one more day that has been added on to my life 🙂

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    1. That sounds like a great beginning to any day!!! 🙂

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      1. Thankyou so much 🙂


      2. You’re welcome! ^.^

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  2. Jen Morrow says:

    Good reminder, I just stood up and stretched for 5 minutes. Yoga and stretching first thing is the morning feels so good. And you should try iced green tea, it is delicious, too!

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    1. Yes it does! And I will have to try that, I’ve never even thought about it!


  3. Sumudu says:

    I like your morning routine – the water is the missing part in my life.

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    1. Thank you!! And that’s an easy fix, you could be like me and add a flavor packet to it! 🙂


  4. 1) coffee 2) feed & pills for Blackie 3) wake up Gracie 4) get breakfast for humans 5) encourage Gracie to get dressed 6) out door for Gracie activity (usually)

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    1. You have a busy morning routine! But it is so filled with lovely things ❤

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      1. That routine forces me out of bed! My babies don’t let me lie in! Yes it is lovely.


      2. That’s good 🙂

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