Health Concerns

Hello all,

I hope everyone is doing great! I know I am! I’ve had a great last few weeks and things continue to go well!

I wanted to give a little update on my health since I had mentioned that I was going to the doctor for dizziness, nausea, and being lightheaded.

When I went to the doctor’s office on Monday, she prescribed me with something for Acid Reflux because it had been acting up as of lately. She also gave me a medication for nausea but I didn’t get it filled because I can just take Pepto instead of wasting money on a new medication that I really don’t want to take. While I was there, they drew blood so they could run a few tests and see if they could pinpoint the exact cause of my illnesses.

Today, they called me and left a message stating that they needed to discuss a few test results with me. First, they told me that my thyroid was acting up and that I need to come in for another visit so they can get me on some medication for that. No biggie, I’ve been on medication for it before and it’s not an issue for me to go back on it, as long as it doesn’t interfere with any of my other medicines.

Well, they also told me that I either have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Which isn’t really a big deal because of all the medication and lifestyle changes I can make. But it’s just a little concerning.

I’m still doing great and I’m very hopeful that I can change my lifestyle and tackle this all. I don’t want anyone to worry about me, I just wanted to give you guys an update so you weren’t left in the dark!

I’ll post another update once I get more results back!



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  1. anythingandeverythingblog1991 says:

    Hey Girly I hope everything goes well. Call or text me if you need to talk (I deleted my Facebook and old WordPress account… I hope you start feeling better soon ❤ xoxo-Victoria

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  2. ejfpaff says:

    Hi Lindsey! So sorry you haven’t been feeling well! I also recently went to the doctor and got less than stellar news – my doctor gave me the option of a low-carb diet or medication for my hormonal issues and I opted for the low-carb diet. While it’s been difficult I can say that it has been really helpful in reframing my thoughts about food and my health. I hope you find a solution that works for you!

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    1. I’m so sorry that you too didn’t get good news from the doctor! I think it’s great that you opted for the low-carb diet over medication. I love when you can use something natural instead of man-made! Thank you so much! I hope that you continue to have success on your low-carb diet! 🙂

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      1. Emily says:

        Thank you! I hope you’re successful as well!

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      2. Thank you so much!!!

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