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What on earth is a Self Care Box?

A Self Care Box is your go-to box of stuff for when you’re feeling depressed, upset, anxious, or any other negative emotion. It is filled with various items to help cheer you up!

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Okay, so what goes in this thing?

The items can vary from box to box because everybody gets cheered up differently, but typically there are art supplies, a book, beauty supplies, happy photographs, positive quotes, a journal, candy or some sort of special treat that you can consume. The idea is that each person’s Self Care Box is filled with things that make them happy!

Why do we need a box to feel happy?

Well, you don’t, but it makes it so much more fun when you have a box that you can decorate! My suggestion is going to the dollar store and grabbing just a small sized box, or even just using a shoe-box. You can decorate it with all sorts of things like ribbon, glitter, paint, stickers, sequins, what-have-you. You can decorate it when you make it up or you can decorate it when you aren’t feeling too positive as a way to cheer yourself up!

I kind of get it, but still what’s the big deal about it?

Its kind of like when you are down and you go talk to a friend about what’s bothering you except you have a box of “happy things” instead! It’s more of a sacred space for you to go to where you only allow positive thoughts. You open the box and typically you begin to feel a little better because of what’s inside of it.


That makes sense, so what’s in your box?

Well, my box isn’t quite finished yet, (I have to take a trip to the dollar store) but I can tell you what I have in it so far!


  • A chalk pastel art kit
  • Caramel Cream K-cup
  • A cute little journal
  • Stencils
  • A photo album with positive quotes in it
  • 2 of my favorite pens
  • A bag of Tazo Chai
  • Sequins

A few things that I would like to add to my box:

  • A really good smelling candle
  • My favorite book
  • A playlist of (positive) songs to listen to
  • Some little flavored coffee creamer cups
  • A few pieces of candy or dried fruit (the kind that reseals)
  • Crochet hook and a skein of fancy yarn
  • A letter from my boyfriend
  • Healing crystals and stones

Okay so I might need a bigger box. LOL!

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So what do you guys think about this trend, is it one you’re going to give a try or are you gonna sit this one out? If you have a Self Care Box, what are a few items that you have in it? What other tips do you have for someone creating a new new Self Care Box?



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  1. What a lovely idea. I think I would include coloring pencils and a coloring book in my self care box.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Coloring is such a great self care method!! What types of pages do you like to color? I prefer designs 🙂


  2. Enlightenment for Schmucks says:

    I think this is a great version of a Vision Board, only more interactive! I’d definitely put some aromatherapy and journal entries in my box.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a cool way to look at it! I love Vision Boards, they’re so inspiring! I’m waiting on aromatherapy samples to come in the mail and I could not be more excited!! What’s your favorite scent and what does it do for you? I’m curious!


  3. This is such an adorable idea. I think it would be a good activity for tween or teen girls to do. For myself, I find an epsom salt bath, a few minutes to myself, and chocolate go a long way in improving my mood.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree worth your so much! If I had this suggestion when I was younger, it would have helped tremendously! Epsom salt baths and chocolate help with pretty much everything!! 🙂


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