10 Things I Discovered When Learning To Love Myself

Check out this AMAZING post! It is raw and emotional and really put things into perspective for me.


Loving yourself – for some people, it can come so effortlessly. For people out there that struggle with accepting every flaw, characteristic, and genetics that make us, well, us, we admire the people who can love themselves; we aspire to be like that. The raw truth of loving oneself is this: it’s hard. As a young woman, I tend to overlook that everyone is growing daily, whether it is for better or for worse. You, are growing too. The more you grow and learn, the more it is necessary to learn to love the new positive things your mind knows, to embrace how your physical makeup is amazing and ever changing to shield your bones, organs, and more importantly – your heart and soul.

I am 23. 23 years of living, breathing, burning, falling, crumbling, dying, rising, and soaring. Self-love is about patience with yourself, grace, understanding that you…

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