I’ve had a couple of people ask me lately what inspires me to write, so I decided to make a post on it for those of you who are curious!

Well, the main inspiration for my blog is to help people. I know that by sharing my struggles and triumphs, there are people out there that can benefit from hearing what I have to say. Even if I just help one person, it’ll all be worth it because that’s one person whose life has changed because of me! My real goal is to help way more than one person, hundreds if I can. But we all have to start out slow.

Another inspiration for my blog is to help myself cope with life. I try to write every single day, now I have missed out on a few, but the keyword there is try. I know that by taking even just a few minutes a day, I can turn around my outlook on life even if just for a little while. Writing is good for the soul, it helps you in so many ways. It acts as a coping mechanism, a way to cool off, a way to exercise your brain and it helps you think deeper. Hmm, I might just have to use that as a topic for a later post. Anyway, writing is very beneficial.

The final inspiration for my blog is to share my story. I am a firm believer that every life has value and every story is worth hearing, you’d be surprised at what people have overcome if you take a minute to listen. I do share it in hopes of helping people but also to give people hope that life does get better.

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  1. Love this! We write for a lot of the same reasons!

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    1. Thank you! And that’s awesome!! 🙂


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