February 23, 2016

Today, I feel okay. Not good, not bad, but okay. I can settle for that. Maybe even a little hopeful. I don’t feel invincible but I also don’t feel like dying. I guess that’s a step forward.


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  1. Friend, The Lord is with you, do not loose Hope, God will surely make a way. God bless you. In the name of Jesus I tell you this that if you dare to believe that you will be saved, then so be it. Let your faith conceive this miracle . In the name of Jesus if you can surrender your troubles to the Lord, the Lord will make you stron in Him. Philippians 4. Says I can Do all things in him who strengths me. I’ll leave you a link for this I believe this message is for you. God bless.

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    1. I’m hanging in there! Trying to get right with God as of lately. He is certainly helping me through tough times!

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      1. Thats awesome keep on holding. I know you are a brave women. And God is with you. There is no force nothing even Satan cannot hurt you. He’s afraid of you. Wanna know why?
        Because we are Gods Children and God has defeated him once he’s afraid that he’ll loose again.

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  2. Sorry this would be the link friend.
    God Bless. I’ll pray for you don’t you worry a bit. Help is underway. You faith will activate the miracle of Jesus Christ in your life. Amen Hallelujah God bless.

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    1. Thank you for the link! Going to check it out now!!


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