When Your Faith Falters


As I have previously stated, I believe in God. I am a Christian. If you’re not, that’s fine with me, but I’m going to take a minute to discuss my personal beliefs and what happens when my faith falters.

I am not a perfect Christian by any means whatsoever. Nowhere near it, actually, but I do have a pretty strong relationship with God. Despite how strong my relationship is with Him, sometimes my faith gets weak and things start to go downhill.

You know what I’m talking about, something really bad happens or God doesn’t answer a prayer that you really needed Him to and you just begin to lose faith. It happens to us all, it’s normal. My relationship with God is always strong but my faith might not be. And that’s okay.

You see, what happens when my faith falters is that I backtrack, I regress, I find myself losing happiness, I’m easily upset by things and I feel like God has turned His back on me. But really, I’ve turned my back on Him. The beauty of God is that he never loses faith in us, even when we lose faith in Him.

People might try to tell you that you shouldn’t lose faith in God, and that is true, but I’m here to tell you that it happens, whether you like it or not. There’s no such thing as a “perfect Christian.” We go through periods of time when, no matter how hard we try to stay faithful, it just doesn’t happen. You feel hopeless, lost, hurt and helpless. You feel like you have nobody to lean on, like your world is falling apart before your eyes. I know how bad it hurts.

Despite the hurt that you feel, there is still a God out there that loves and adores every aspect of you. He does not judge you for allowing your faith to stagger along instead of walking alongside it. God knows that you aren’t perfect, He knows that Satan is going to make you question your faith at times, those are just temporary tribulations. I know you probably feel like God has abandoned you and given up on you, but he hasn’t.

When your faith falters, God is actually up there in heaven just waiting for you to come back. He has faith in you even when you lose faith in him.

My God is a loving God and He calls to the broken, the hurt, the abused and the hopeless.

I know it’s so easy to lose faith in times of difficulty, but you just have to try your hardest to keep your faith strong and not give into Satan’s wishes. I have learned that Satan just wants to trick you into thinking God can’t handle what life has dished out to you, but He can. God is capable of helping you get through any trial and any tribulation you encounter. Isn’t that wonderful?!

When you think that there is nobody out there who can help you, nobody out there who loves you, just look up. If you have let your faith squander, like I have, it’s time to reconnect with that glorious Man upstairs because He is anxiously awaiting your return.
It’s like my step sister always says, “God won’t take you to it if he can’t take you through it.”





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